Advanced Fluorophore Technologies

Bright, high photon yielding organic fluorophores


Welcome to Lumidyne Technologies, an industry leader in ultra-stable organic fluorophores to revolutionize the field of molecular imaging in biological research. Our advanced next-generation fluorophores, LD555 and LD655 offer unparalleled photostability and photon budgets while minimizing artifacts enabling one to achieve higher-quality images and longer-lasting movies of biological systems in action.

Through fluorophore engineering designs that intramolecularly quench triplet and redox dark states that naturally arise from excitation, our experienced team offers products that exhibit superior performance both in the presence and absence of oxygen across a broad range of illumination intensities and imaging applications. Lumidyne fluorophores are compatible with most commercial imaging platforms, including brightfield, TIRF, confocal, light sheet, lattice light sheet, and super-resolution imaging and have been vetted across diverse biological systems, including live-cell imaging applications.

LD555, and LD655 fluorophores are available with standard NHS and maleimide activation chemistries. Custom syntheses are also offered to enable site-specific labeling approaches, including SNAP-, CLIP-, Halo-, Sfp-, AcpS (A1/A4)-, Q-Tag, and non-natural amino acid labeling technologies.

At Lumidyne Technologies, we are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and reliable tools for your research needs. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our products deliver exceptional performance, superior brightness, and reliable results. Contact us today to discover how our self-healing organic fluorophores can benefit your research and take your imaging applications to the next level.